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Monday, 15 February 2010

Creature Discomforts

The identity lecture today introduced two discourses: essentialism, where focus is on the fixed, stable physical body independent of the mind, and non-essentialism (aka the social constructivist approach), where naturalised differences may be viewed as socially constructed. Debbie gave a fine example of this: black children are more likely to underachieve in school due to the attitudes they are exposed to, rather their inherent abilities. (Relevant posters in the GB E-floor corridor.)

Since identities can be constructed and malleable, you can't really blame people trying to change them for the better. One example really stands out...

Ever seen Creature Comforts? You know, those short vox pop clips that feature plasticine animals commenting on their everyday lives? Well the same stop-motion team has produced a brilliant campaign called Creature Discomforts for Leonard Cheshire Disability, in an effort to change our contrived notions of disability. See the site for more:


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