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Monday, 22 March 2010

What the weather!

The weather has been acting strangely over the past few days. On Saturday it poured, on Sunday the sun shone like anything, then on Monday it drizzled again. I wonder why?

Like any self-respecting geographer, I had a gander at Met Office's pressure charts and satellite images.

weather chart

Sure enough, a big fat low pressure system was over the Atlantic, sweeping its many arms over our unsuspecting island. Saturday must have taken the worst of that occluded front, and cleared the way for Sunday's sunshine. We might even have been under influence of that high pressure system over Europe: if anything, it does look tantalisingly close! Wetterzentrale confirms this for Monday but not so much for Sunday...hmm if only I had a couple more archived charts...

Spotted whilst rambling in Weston Park.


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